Diameter Signaling Market To Reach The Precipice Of Success With a 44.19 % CAGR by 2025

February 2020
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The surge in cellular communication and the means to achieve it are likely to create a favorable backdrop for the progress of the diameter signaling market. Diameter signaling allows communication among internet protocol network elements, which has led to its establishment as the language that software and servers use to communicate within the center of the LTE network. The effective communication capability presented by diameter signaling for tablets, smartphones, and a wireless 4G/LTE network is nurturing promising market evolution. According to a report published by Market Research Future, the diameter signaling market is anticipated to earn USD 11 Billion in earnings by 2025 while expanding at a 44.19 % CAGR in the duration of the forecast period.

Changing Growth Momentum Deepen Growth Pace In Diameter Signaling

As mobile IP networks currently are managing more data traffic per user than their forerunner 3G networks, diameter signaling traffic is set to exceedingly surpass the signaling traffic in 3G networks. The usage of diameter signaling to provide AAA services and data signaling for mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones that connect over 4G/LTE networks is expected to create new avenues for market expansion in the coming years. The employment of diameter signaling in IP networks is facilitating the performance of the part that SS7 signaling performs in legacy networks which will lead to further enhancement of the diameter signaling market. Also, the progress in diameter traffic is expected to translate into better revenue growth for the vendors of diameter signaling solutions. The use of diameter signaling by an extensive range of network elements to exchange information connected to session tracking, device tracking, data usage, session management, and other information is also expected to gain traction in the coming period. The upsurge in the number of prominent wireless carriers globally will also contribute to the expansion of the diameter signaling market.

Rising Network Volume Accelerator For Key Growth In Diameter Signaling

The increase in the volume of diameter signaling traffic in the network likely to see an escalation due to the rising penetration of smartphones and the constant surge observed in mobile traffic globally.  The escalation in the usage of sharing plans by telecom providers is expected to generate a further potential for the diameter signaling market. Also, the upsurge in the popularity and widespread prevalence of 4G/ LTE networks is expected to create a potential for growth of the diameter signaling market in the imminent years. Also, the simplification of complex diameter mesh topologies is expected to create a favorable base for the advancement of the diameter signaling market in the approaching period. The scalability and ease of management of diameter signaling are expected to further encourage the development of the market in the forecast period.

The Future Connection To The Diameter Signaling

The development and projected congestion in signaling traffic over the effective routing of signaling information will hold a central role in the future for managing of IMS, 3G & LTE networks and policy used for translating, connecting, and interoperating diameter components. However, the market requires development in the modern signaling infrastructure to oppose challenges such as flexibility in the network, scalability, and maintenance.  The incidence of the factors such as the number of mobile users across the world and upsurge in disposable income levels along with the increasing utilization of smartphones is expected to open up new avenues for growth in the upcoming years.

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