Creative Photo Printing Techniques and Ideas- A Sneak Peek

February 2020
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Photographs are no longer physical products. Often these exist as megabytes on social media or Smartphones. Though the number of photographs snapped daily has increased, but the number of photographs getting printed is dropping. This is because the printing industry has shifted towards digital dominance. During the yesteryears, printing photos meant visiting the studio, filling a form and handing over the roll. Then, after two to three days, one had to go and pick up the photographs. But fortunately, this is a story of the past. Today people have the flexibility to print their favorite photos in different ways and above all, even from the comfort of their home.

3 Photo Printing Techniques

  • Store Printing- Even today, people can get their photos printed in photo studios if they wish to either on their own or have the specialists do it for them. People can also mail their pictures, and after it is edited as per their liking, they can get it printed and receive a confirmation mail once it is ready for pick up. Most stores namely Wal-Mart, have kiosks where one can plug in the memory card of their digital card or their digital camera and choose the photos they desire to print. Doing it in this manner will help people to see their photos done within minutes along with getting the choice to fix their photos before printing them such as fixing red-eye.

  • Home Printing- People can buy photo paper and print their pictures from their home computers. This photo printing technique will be expensive as in order to get the best quality prints people need to invest in photo-specific printers. Everything today revolves around the computer due to high-resolution monitors, home photo printers and advanced software. Cost aside; printing own photo prints have many more advantages. Convenience to print the photos at home on-demand within a few minutes can be beneficial resting upon a person’s needs. Besides, they will have more control both on the look and the color of the photos through trial and error.

  • Online Printing- Today, there is no dearth in the availability of photo sharing sites where people can upload an unlimited number of pictures. These sites can serve as their photo serving service. They can fix a photo; however, they see fit and order as many copies as they desire. Photos will then be mailed with a few days. The best part, people can save their photos turned into calendars, coffee mugs, wall clocks, pillows, and other knick-knacks through online printing sites. A great feature of online photo printing is people can store and share their photos with others online. While ordering prints, their images will be uploaded on the server, and in the same step, it will be organized and hosted. Moreover, if they have family and friends interested in their pictures, they can create their accounts quickly and order the images for themselves. It will save them money right there.

Photo printing has never been more cost-effective and simpler, with an array of choices available. Moreover, photo printing has gone beyond merely printing pictures. Today photos can also be printed on T-shirts, playing cards, debit cards, tiles, magnets, coasters, puzzles, posters, mousepads and more. Personalized vanity bags and purses, stickers and aprons can also be made with images of one’s choice. Not to forget, for that unique cake decoration, pictures can be made into edible art transfers to adorn a cake. The bottom line is, printing photos to place in scrapbooks, photo albums and picture frames are not the only options available. Today, photos can be preserved as well as displayed in numerous fascinating ways.

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